Dear Guests;

As Larissa Hotels family, we care about your health today as it was yesterday. During the time we took a break from our service, we missed you a lot and continued our efforts to provide you with a more hygienic service. We are waiting for you at our facilities to have a pleasant holiday where you will feel safe. In this process, where the whole world is one heart, we have closely followed the developments regarding the Covid-19 Pandemic, and we continue to do so.

It is our priority to offer you a safe, healthy, peaceful holiday, for this reason the World Health Organization's (WHO) publication "Operational Considerations for Covid-19 Management" published for the Accommodation Industry and T.R. We reviewed all our business processes, updated our risk assessments, and revised our procedures and instructions, taking into account the rules of hygiene, social distance, mask use and isolation in all our service steps, taking the statements of the Ministry of Health Science Committee as reference. As Larissa Hotels Family, we would like to share our measures and innovations with you.


• All of our employees are screened and followed up by our Workplace Physician.
• There is an Occupational Health and Safety Committee established at our Facilities so that our employees can work with high motivation in a healthy and safe workplace environment. The Board carries out the control and follow-up of the measures taken in its studies.
• All of our Employees received hygiene training. All of our employees have been trained and made aware of the prevention of epidemics and the prevention of their spread.


• In all general areas of our facilities, disinfection processes are carried out with antiviral and antibacterial products approved by the Turkish Ministry of Health, with a biocidal product license.
• The inside of our elevators and especially the call buttons are frequently disinfected and the ventilation system is cleaned regularly.
• In all our general areas, our sitting groups are arranged according to the social distance rules.
• There are antibacterial soaps and hand antiseptics in public areas, toilets and sinks.
• The cleaning and disinfection processes of the toilets and sinks in our general areas have been increased.
• Ventilation systems and air conditioners in all closed areas of our facilities are frequently cleaned and disinfected.


Our measures to reduce contact and maintain social distance in your room check-in processes;
• The temperature of all our guests will be measured at the entrances, and in case of a negative situation, this situation will be shared with them only, as per the KVKK laws, and necessary actions will be taken as written in our action plans. Your suitcases are disinfected and taken to the luggage trolleys. Our luggage trolleys are cleaned and disinfected before and after each use. The room door card is specially disinfected.


In order for you to stay safely in our rooms, which are specially prepared for you and cleaned and disinfected,
• Our rooms are periodically disinfected with antiviral and antibacterial special disinfectants approved by the Turkish Ministry of Health, which have high protection.
• The rooms of our guests leaving our hotel are meticulously cleaned and disinfected.
• The housekeepers who carry out your room cleanings carry out their operations with separate masks and gloves for each room. Disposable cloths are used in room cleaning.
• Effective alcohol-based disinfectants and chlorine-based disinfectants are used in room cleaning.
• Our housekeepers do not perform operations such as shaking or whisking in changing sheets and bedding. All textile products used in the rooms are disinfected by washing them at 60-90 C and ironing them with a steam iron.
• The amenities, prepared for daily use by our guests, are disinfected before they are put in their places.
• After our housekeepers have finished their cleaning according to the instructions, ozone disinfection is applied in the room and the room is made ready for our guest's use.
• All cleaning and disinfection processes in the rooms are controlled by our trained floor supervisors.


• All of our restaurants and bars are equipped with hand antiseptic equipment at easy access points for our guests.
• Room occupancy rates in our facilities will be limited in order to maintain social distance. For this reason, our restaurants and bars have been arranged in a more convenient and comfortable way.
• In our restaurants and bars, entrances and exits will be made through separate doors and we have directions. Tea and Coffee machines in common use will not be used during this process and will be served to your tables by our staff.
• Social distance markings are available in our buffets and bars.
• In all our restaurants and bars, table and chair armrests are cleaned and disinfected during guest changes, and then they are made ready for the use of other guests.


• Our guests can benefit from our SPA and Turkish Bath services by making an appointment.
• Usage capacities in our sauna and Turkish bath rooms are limited according to hygienic conditions.
• General places such as dressing-dressing rooms, showers, WCs are periodically disinfected with antiviral and antibacterial biocidal products, and they are offered to our guests with frequent cleaning and disinfection processes during the day.


All individual exercise devices in our fitness center are arranged according to social distance rules.
• Each exercise device is disinfected before use and offered to other guests.
• All areas and equipment used in our fitness center are disinfected every morning before opening, at noon when it is closed, and at night after closing, and air and surface disinfection are carried out.
• In our fitness room, hand sanitizer is placed at easy access points for our guests.


• An activity plan consisting of good programs has been prepared by our animation team so that you can have a pleasant holiday.


• Chlorine, PH and temperature balances of our pools are checked in accordance with the directives and regulations of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey, and microbiological and chemical analyzes and hygiene conditions are followed at frequent intervals. Our Technical Service Personnel, who have been trained on this subject, continue their work meticulously.
• Our sun loungers by the pool and on the beach are arranged according to the social distance rules and are cleaned and disinfected by our staff during guest exchanges.
• Our group activities in our pools and at the beach are carried out by following the social distance rules.


Dear guests, The quality of nutrition is an indisputable fact for the immune system to be strong.
We care about your health, that's why we prepare healthy menus consisting of Mediterranean unique tastes.
All of the materials we offer or produce are provided from reliable suppliers.
Our suppliers are frequently audited by our Quality Team. It is under the control of the Food Engineer during the production and presentation phase.
In our facilities, 24-hour health personnel are on duty for emergencies.
It is possible to receive comprehensive health services in the hospitals we have contracted with in the cities and locations where our facilities are located.

Hope to see you soon...